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A Division
Amigo's El Drunkos
Elks Club Game of Bulls
Amigo's Los Piratas
Profenno's MooseKnuckles
C Division
Loyal Order Of The Moose Big Bulls
Profenno's Darty Sanchez
Elks Club Game of Trips
Morrill's Corner Pub Jaded Saints
Rosies Misfit Darts
Rosies Ruff Ryders
CC Division
Woodford's VFW Bullsharks
Profenno's Flying Monkeys
Profenno's Fully Loaded
Turf's Lawn Darts & Garden
Stockhouse Natural Disasters
Stockhouse Put A Cork In It
D Division
Stockhouse Shockers
Woodford's VFW A Ton of Bull
Profenno's Dart Divas
Elks Club Game of Throws
Time Out Sports Pub Smoke or Be Smoked
Stockhouse The Dart Side